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The Network Empire team has shaped the SEO industry’s understanding of SEO Website Silo Architecture since 2006. Website silo architecture is an internal website linking structure that (when executed properly) will tend to create higher rankings on the search engine for keywords contained within the silo structure. In some cases, an SEO silo website will outrank non-siloed websites with up to 80% fewer inbound links. Usually, a silo structure has a silo landing page in which three to five keywords can be targeted for ranking, preferably with one overlying topical theme. With the ever-increasing popularity of WordPress blogging, it became necessary to provide the average user with a fast, efficient and technically accurate way to build an SEO Siloed Website. There are three types of Silo Plugins for WordPress

, each has a unique function that is explained in our associated help files, videos and revealed in our advanced and basic online training. Warning: I would strongly advise that you consider the level of skill required to program a technically accurate WordPress Plugin for SEO silo structuring a blog. It took experts with 10 years of actual SEO experience to make it this easy for you! In other words, accept no plugin substitutes, as we are the original SEO Silo Plugin Creators, and these plugins are in constant development, with technical love constantly being put into them when needed.