10 Best Free Online File Sharing Websites And Tools For Sharing Large Files


10Best Free Online File Sharing Websites And Tools

File sharing via an email is a frustrating task if you’re trying to send a file that’s too big. Another set of easy-to-use options exists in the form of file sharing services that securely share large files online. Here are some useful file sharing website and tools that you can try. Let’s take a look:


ShareByLink is an easy-to-use file sharing tool allows you to share any files instantly. Its plus point is that it streams files from your computer and gives you a shareable link instantly. It means that you don’t have to wait for the big uploads to finish. The file link expires in 30 days, which is, according to me, enough to get the work done.

This online file sharing tool is all about simplicity and ease. You don’t need to complete any type of registration to use the service. Simply download the application and select the file that you need to share using the drag-and-drop and consider the work done. You just need to copy the shared link and send it to the receiver. ShareByLink is free to use you won’t face and any trouble using it.

You don’t wish to install any program? No problem. ShareByLink also provides aweb upload option that works like a charm.

Available Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Web upload

Download link: ShareByLink


Droplr is a renowned file sharing tool that makes your life easier. It’s best suited for sharing the images, thanks to a built-in annotation tool and the ability to type text notes right into Droplr. However, it supports all types of files. It can also record screens and lets you set keyboard shortcuts that allow you to do all the work without taking your fingers off the keyboard.

Using Droplr is as simple as dragging and dropping a file to its desktop icon. It gives you a short link that you can share with others for easy access. Apart from major operating systems, Droplr also gives you an option of Chrome extension that’s a simple and powerful way of using Droplr.

The free version of the tool has one major drawback. The links of shared files expire after one week. In its premium version, you get extra features like password protection, self-destruct feature, and URL-hiding.

Available Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Web upload

Download Link: Droplr


PlusTransfer is a smooth transfer file tool that doesn’t need any registration or user account. This online file sharing tool also doesn’t require any type of software installation. You just need to open the online uploader and click the big + button, select a file, and enter the email addresses and hit send.

This service is 100% free and you can send up to 5GB data for free. This could be easily called one of the simplest methods to share large files. As they state, it needs absolutely no technical knowledge.

Available Platforms: Web upload

Website Link: PlusTransfer


Sending large files via email isn’t possible as the email providers limit the size of attachments. The file sharing using SendThisFile can be done by two methods — a share link and an email plugin. The share link is a URL that can be accessed by the recipient to grab the file. The subscription plans come with up to 500GB online storage and 14 day file access. For secure file sharing, SendThisFile uses 128-bit encryption.

If you instantly need to share some files to your friends or family, you can try out SendThisFile trial plan. While it doesn’t need any credit card information, you’ll experience a reduced transfer speed. The free plan also limits the file size to 2GB.

Available Platforms: Web upload

Website link: SendThisFile


Dropcanvas is a popular online file sharing method of sharing files with others. Its simple and interactive interface makes everything easy. You don’t want to enter your email address? No problem. Dropcanvas doesn’t ask for one. After dropping the file on the website’s ‘canvas’, you also see a preview of the files.

The free plan of Dropcanvas allows you to share up to 5GB data with a storage time of 14 days. The paid plans provide up to 100GB space with unlimited storage time. The website also lets one purchase the premium plan via Bitcoin.

Available Platforms: Web upload

Website link: Dropcanvas


Ge.tt is another simple file sharing tool that depends on simple drag and drop. It lets you upload multiple files simultaneously. After uploading a file, you’re also shown an option to share the file directly on Facebook and other social networks. The uploaded files are deleted in 30 days.

By signing up, you get 2GB free storage space. If you choose to go for the premium account, you get tons of storage space.

Available Platforms: Web upload

Website link: Ge.tt


Snaggy is basically an image sharing tool. It’s a simple online file sharing method to share a screenshot without any installation or software download. By pressing few keys, you can copy the image to the clipboard and directly paste it on the web interface. It also provides an option to crop and edit the images with a built-in editor.

Available Platforms: Web upload

Website link: Snag.gy


Files2U is a great web service that lets one share large files with others. To use the service, you don’t need to register. Just enter a couple of addresses, your name, select the files, and hit the upload button. Files2U also sends a pin number to the recipient that can be used to unlock the file.

Available platforms: Web upload

Website link: Files2U


Wikisend is another free file sharing service that can solve your online needs. This web uploader has a simpler interface that allows a maximum file size of 100MB. Please note that files with 1-7 day lifetime will have primary status and one can access them with full speed. You are also allowed to set a password to protect your files.

Available platforms: Web upload

Website link: Wikisend

File Dropper

File Dropper is one of the simplest online file sharing alternatives. This clean web uploader just asks you to select the file and the work is done. It uploads the file up to 5GB and presents you the shareable link. After the upload is complete, you also get an embed code to share on websites and forums. The premium plans lets you use up to 250GB space.

Available platforms: Web upload

Website link: File Dropper

Editor’s Recommendationsharebylink

The online file sharing websites and tools mentioned here have their own strengths and weaknesses. The #1 entry on this list, ShareByLink, is the most complete solution around. Along with being totally free, it supports desktop app as well as web upload. But, here’s the part I love the most–the source code for the web upload tool is open source and programmers can get the code here. This will allow you to deploy your own server and harden the security settings. The makers of the tool also plan to release the complete code in about 1 year.